The Stormwater Industry Association Ltd (Stormwater Australia) is an incorporated body under the National Corporations Act which is owned by each of the respective State Associations. At the 2014 Annual General Meeting (AGM), a revised SIA National Constitution was adopted which recognises the importance of a skills-based Board and allows representation of Sustaining Members. At the 2018 AGM minor modifications were made in relation to the number of Directors, tenure and quorum requirements.  pdfSIA National Constitution

Board of Directors


Director Alan Hoban

Alan Hoban
President & Director


Alan Hoban is a Director of Civil and Water at Bligh Tanner Pty Ltd, based in Brisbane. He is a civil and environmental engineer who has worked closely with government and industry to establish policy, planning frameworks and technical standards for better urban water management.

His expertise includes integrated water management and water sensitive urban design (WSUD), policy and planning advice, infrastructure planning, development applications and approvals advice, waterway management, flood and stormwater studies, civil engineering and climate change strategies. His awards include the Gilbert Vasey Award in Agricultural Engineering, the Queensland Medal for Landscape Architecture (for the 'Flood of Ideas' community resilience-building project), and 'The AILA ' for his leadership of the Water by Design program.

Alan also cofounded Victoria's Flexicar car-share scheme and is a graduate of Social Leadership Australia. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Engineers, Australia and a sessional lecturer at various universities. He is a member of the Stakeholder Engagement Committee.

 Director Catherine Thrupp

Catherine Thrupp
Vice President & Director


Cath Thrupp is a Director of WaterInnov8, a Brisbane based company specialising in water innovation, strategy and digital water solutions. She is an environmental scientist, who has over twenty years of experience delivering major water and natural resource projects within the private, public & non-profit sectors.

Cath’s career has spanned from managing environmental aspects of dam operations in central Queensland to wetland and fish management in the Murray-Darling Basin to environmental flow monitoring in the north and central Queensland, to urban water planning and policy in Brisbane. Most recently, Cath’s focus has been on thought leadership, innovation and digital transformation for the future.

In her spare time, Cath is also a Director of Our New Leaders, an advisory company specialising in online education for mid-career professionals who want to upskill for the future. Cath is a big picture thinker and a ‘people’ person, who deeply cares about supporting our country & industry to prepare for the future.

  Director Dr Darren Drapper

Dr Darren Drapper
Company Secretary & Director


Dr Darren Drapper is an MBA-qualified Environmental Engineer, with a Bachelor degree and PhD in Environmental Engineering focussing on water, stormwater and wastewater.  Darren has 22 years of experience across manufacturing industries, consulting, government and research/academia. His experience spans water quality, water/wastewater/stormwater treatment, harvesting & water balance, monitoring & research programs, Water Sensitive Urban Design in construction. He has researched, designed, constructed and monitored WSUD stormwater treatment measures across Australia and internationally. He was President of Stormwater Queensland from 2017, until recently accepting a Role on the Stormwater Australia Board.

Darren has a keen interest in all aspects of stormwater management including water quantity as well as quality, and actively promotes the good work our industry often delivers and promptly buries underground.

An avid fisherman, bushwalker, mountain biker and 4wd fan, Darren's love of the outdoors has led to his introduction of an innovative, self-cleaning technology to retain the solids from sewer overflows.

 Director Sudesh Mudaliar

Sudesh Mudaliar
Treasurer & Director


Sudesh Mudaliar is a goal-driven executive, with over 25 years in the sales, marketing and development of software solutions primarily in water resource management. Experience in business development and operations management in the software industry: Specializing in engineering-based technologies with a focus on delivering a rewarding client experience. Has led research and development teams in delivering software tools for the water resources sector. Experience in managing and growing channel partners in Asia as well as establishing a shared off-shore business services Centre. Experience in business management across different cultures: Japan, Korea, China, India, South East Asia and including Australia and NZ.

 Director Alison Carmichael

Alison Carmichael


Alison Carmichael has extensive experience with industry associations in both board and senior executive roles covering irrigation, energy efficiency, forestry and product stewardship. Prior to taking up these positions, Alison was a partner in a consulting business specialising in Natural Resource Management. She is a Graduate Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

 Director Andrew Swindells

Andrew Swindells


Andrew Swindells has experience as Executive Director of a Public Company, Business Consultant, Barrister, Sessional member QCAT & CCT, Victoria Mining Warden, Counsel Assisting and Executive Legal Officer Crime & Misconduct Commission, and dispute resolution/mediation expert.


 Director Kristen Walsh

Kristen Walsh


Kristen Walsh is an experienced executive in the engineering services sector. She is the Group General Manager of the Industrial businesses at ASX-100 company ALS Limited. Kristen is a member of Chief Executive Women and holds a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from the University of Michigan and a Master of Business Administration from Warwick Business School.

 Director Dr Peter Breen

Dr Peter Breen


Dr Peter Breen is a founding director of E2Designlab and Practice Professor in the CRC for Water Sensitive Cities at Monash University. Peter has a long interest in the integration of science and practice in the management of rural and urban aquatic ecosystems. He has been a leading researcher and practitioner in the development of WSUD in Australia.

Peter has over 40 years in the water sector and has held positions in industry, academia, research and consulting in organizations such as Monash University, State Rivers and Water Supply Commission, CSIRO, Dandenong Valley Authority, Melbourne Water, CRC for Freshwater Ecology, Ecological Engineering (founding Director), EDAW and AECOM, E2Designlab (founding Director). He has over 100 publications on topics including aquatic botany, wetland, stream and lake ecology, stormwater and wastewater treatment, water quality management and restoration ecology.

Peter is involved with the Wellcome Trust/Asian Development Bank funded Revitalising Informal Settlements and their Environments (RISE) program at Monash University where he contributes to the design of interventions to improve the public and environment health of informal settlements. 

 Director Sally McMahon

Sally McMahon


Sally McMahon is an Economist with more than 25 years of experience with economic reform and market regulation in the utility sector. She specialises in navigating policy and regulations to achieve better consumer and commercial outcomes, is an expert in economic regulation of the utility sector and has experience with stakeholder engagement, compliance and technical regulation. Sally has formerly held Executive roles in government and industry, including as a Senior Executive in the former Victorian Office of Water. Sally is currently the Independent Chair of the Market Advisory Committee, Gas Advisory Board and Pilbara Advisory committee in Western Australia, is a member of the Expert Panel for the WA Electricity Review Board and the Technical Panel of Experts for the generator performance standards dispute resolution mechanism in the Wholesale Energy Market in WA. She is also a former Chair of the Women in Economics Network of WA and a graduate member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. 


National Advisory Committee - Member Representatives


SIA (NSW) - Stormwater New South Wales

Alan Benson, President

Beth Salt, Committee Member

Dr Andrew Thomas, Vice President

SIA (QLD) - Stormwater Queensland

Katie Fletcher, President

David Simpson, Secretary

SIA (SA) - Stormwater South Australia

Andrew King, Chairperson

Michael Di Matteo, Treasurer

SIA (Vic) - Stormwater Victoria

Sarah Watkins, President

Alice Lisitsa, Vice President

SIA (WA) - Stormwater Western Australia

Bill Till, Chair