Over the past few weeks your Editorial team has been trying to work out the potential impacts of the Federal Budget on the development and implementation of more effective stormwater management policies and programs.

We have sought formal input from relevant Federal ministers, shadow ministers and agencies but, at this stage, nothing has come through. As it does, we will certainly keep you up to date, but a quick review of the Budget decisions in areas that could affect development in stormwater management have shown there are some significant challenges ahead, including:

  • The CSIRO, which has completed some excellent work in stormwater research, has had its budget cut by around $150 million over the next four year forward estimates period.

  • The CRC Program, who have been doing ground-breaking work in stormwater management across a range of Centres, have had their funding cut by $80 million over the next four year
    forward estimates period. 

  • The Bureau of Meteorology has received guaranteed funding for the purchase of a new super-computer to replace their existing machinery, but need to recover $10 million over four years through improved efficiencies. 

The Association has also sought formal advice on the funding that was guaranteed for stormwater programs through the Murray-Darling Basin Commission activities and other initiatives that are currently underway in Federal and State agencies.

We look forward to keeping you up-to-date with further information as it becomes available.