At a recent meeting called by some of Australia’s leading manufacturers and distributors with Association President  Andrew Allan, serious concern was expressed that the credibility of the whole industry could come under fire from the outrageous performance claims of some manufacturers.

The need for nationally recognised performance validation criteria was discussed (see page 3 for further information) but the discussion went much further. One of the more interesting issues raised at the meeting was the need for an Association Code of  Conduct. Andrew Allan asked the participants at the meeting to have a think about the benefits of a Code of Conduct and how, if it was thought to be worthwhile, the best way for the Association to put something together

Managing Director of Stormwater 360, Jeremy Brown , supported the idea of a Code of Conduct. In a follow up note to the Association Mr Brown said,  "The development and application of a binding Code of Conduct would be a very important step in confirming and maintaining the credibility of the Association in particular and then the industry as a whole."

He warned however, that development application and enforcement of a Code of Conduct was ‘not a five minute job.’

He pointed out that a Code of Conduct must,

  1. have widespread support within the industry
  2. have clear objectives
  3. be well designed
  4. provide benefits to signatories
  5. be effectively implemented
  6. be underpinned by an effective complaint handling system
  7. be administered by an appropriate body
  8. be properly and objectively enforced
  9. be regularly evaluated and reviewed to retain currency and support from stakeholders.

"And it is not just a job for the Executive’ Brown added.

"A widely accepted Code must be ‘owned’ by the members - we all need to be involved. 


"And it’s not just a matter of ‘setting the rules’ and all Association members agreeing to comply; anything like this must be supported by a promotion and marketing strategy ‘ Brown continued .

"We want all of the major users of our services to know that any  member of the Association  that is committed to the  Code of  Conduct is  obviously committed to the provision of quality services , and that must be good for long term business opportunities as well.

"Everyone who is serious about their commitment to stormwater is in this for the long haul. 

"The development and implementation of a  Code of  Conduct   is a very important step in driving this industry association and this industry in general to a more professional,  successful  long-term future and surely that is what we are all on about. " Brown concluded.