The testing of Stormwater Quality Improvement Devices has been a topic of great interest in recent times.  Dr Charles Kelly, Commercial Manager at Humes Water Solutions has recently offered to share one methodolgy that he believes is offers a low cost, replicable and robust method for testing any stormwater device.

The ability to capture raw and treated stormwater and associated flow rates allows the performance of a device to be measured and interpreted in number of ways.

Charle's vision is to have a number of facilities installed at independent faciities aound the country where the performance of equipment can assessed in a robust and trasnparent manner.  The challenge for industry is to agree on a standard test methodology so that results can be used with confidence.

The full methodology is able to be downloaded for review and comment. Stormwater Australia is interested in hearing your feedback, ideas and suggestions as to how device testing can be undertaken with confidence and at a reasonable cost so that it can both support innovation and increase confidence in products already in the marketplace.

As Stormwater Australia embarks on the next phase of the SQID project we see Dr Kelly's report as a welcome contribution and look forward to hearing from you.

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pdfExperimental Equipment Setup and Sampling Procedure (Charles Kelly)