What is SQIDEP?

Stormwater Australia is the custodian of an industry-formulated, independent evaluation process for verifying the performance of devices and technologies for improving stormwater quality.

This process administered is for SQIDEP (Stormwater Quality Improvement Device Evaluation Protocol).

Once devices and technologies have been independently assessed under SQIDEP, the results are provided to Stormwater Australia. If the devices have passed their assessment, they are able to receive a Stormwater Australia stamp of verification.

Many Local Councils and other industry stakeholders are now requiring a SQIDEP verification before approving the installation of stormwater devices.


The Challenge

Rapid rates of development have led to the need for an extensive stormwater pipe network, often with significant space constraints. These developments include large areas of industrial and commercial use, with land uses (e.g. service stations) that can have potential water quality impacts for local creeks and downstream natural environments. To manage the water running off these potentially contaminated sites, devices and technologies have been developed to fit into tight spaces (usually underground) and treat the water before it flows into the natural environment.

With the fast rate of development, there has been a proliferation of stormwater treatment devices and no verification process to ensure that the devices are actually providing the outcomes required (i.e. able to meet the required water quality objectives at the site). This has led to a number of challenges, such as; a backlog of approvals sitting with Local Councils who had no way of ensuring that devices would achieve the desired outcome, a large number of underground devices being installed with only a small number actually performing as required, and a large maintenance burden for local Councils who are managing the devices once development has been completed.


The Solution

Stormwater Australia worked with a broad range of industry stakeholders to develop a protocol that requires each device to be assessed by a team of qualified independent parties (including Universities and Specialist Scientists within the stormwater consulting field). Each device is then recommended to be verified by Independent Evaluators. Stormwater Australia then verifies the SQIDEP device for it to be recognised as an effective device for stormwater management.

Many local Governments are now requiring this SQIDEP verification before these treatment devices can be installed within their jurisdiction.


The SQIDEP Process

In order to have a device recognised under SQIDEP, an applicant is required to follow the steps outlined below. The full detail of what is required can be found in the Protocol.

Field Testing

The Protocol provides a uniform set of criteria to which stormwater treatment measures can be field-tested and reported. These criteria should guide and inform field monitoring programs seeking to demonstrate pollutant removals for stormwater treatment measures included in pollutant export modelling software.

Future versions of the protocol are anticipated to also include laboratory testing.

SQIDEP should be recognised to be a living document.

Current SQIDEP
Version 1.3
released 31 Dec 2018




Device Evaluation

There are two pathways available for the Device Evaluation under the SQIDEP process:

  1. The first pathway is the Body of Evidence pathway (BOE) for those submitters that commenced Australian field testing prior to the release of Version 1.3, 31st December 2018. One Submission Form is required for the BOE pathway.
  2. The second pathway is the Field Evaluation pathway which has two stages. Two separate Submission Forms are required at different stages for the Field Evaluation Pathway.
    1. Stage One: The submission of a Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP) for approval prior to commencing field testing; and
    2. Stage Two: Submission for a Detailed Performance Report (DPR) upon completion of field testing.



Body of Evidence pathway

BoE Pathway3



Field Evaluation pathway

LFT Pathway3



Please refer to the SQIDEP Governance Framework for more information on how this independent assessment is implemented.

SQIDEP Governance


SQIDEP Verified Products

When a Device/Product is successfully verified by either the BOE pathway or Stage Two of the Field Evaluation pathway (DPR), a Verification Certificate will be issued (click here for pdfExample) and will be published on the Stormwater Australia SQIDEP Verified Products webpage, along with the final Verification Report from the SQIDEP Independent Evaluators.

SQIDEP Verified


How to apply for Device Evaluation

Here are the submission forms required for each of the application pathways. Completed application forms must be sent to Stormwater Australia at the following email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


SQIDEP Application Fees

Fees associated with evaluation against the assessment pathways are detailed in the Submission Forms and are also outlined below.

  • Body of Evidence pathway: (BOE) application  AUD$26,500 (excluding GST)
  • Field Evaluation pathway:
    • Stage One: Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP) application  AUD$4,250 (excluding GST)
    • Stage Two: Detailed Performance Report (DPR) application   AUD$18,500 (excluding GST)